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Creating a in the development of cannabinoid-based medicines.

About Us

Canalis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. was formed to discover, research, and develop the positive benefits of lesser known, and less abundantly expressed phytocannabinoids from Cannabis. The more than 100 phytocannabinoids offer a wide range of chemical scaffolds for drug design and our access to these rare compounds makes it possible for the first time to screen these against drug targets. Canalis is developing the natural cannabinoids and their chemically-modified cousins for optimized therapeutic use through advanced methods including molecular modeling, combinatorial chemistry, pharmacogenomics and endocannabinoid receptor targeting.


Canalis has exclusive worldwide access to the rare cannabinoid compound libraries of Teewinot Life Sciences for pharmaceutical applications. Teewinot has employed synthetic biology technology to enable the manufacture of these rare cannabinoids as patent-protected, scalable, pharmaceutical-grade API. Canalis is expanding on this capability with an in silico-directed screening and modelling program to develop NCE libraries with unparalleled molecular diversity. We screen these libraries against a wide range of drug targets in a virtuous cycle with in silico modeling to improve bioavailability, drug target interactions and reduced off-target effects – common limitations of natural cannabinoids as drugs.

Why Canalis?

Canalis enjoys access to the widest variety of biologically-produced cannabinoids for development. Through our licensing agreement with Teewinot Life Sciences Corporation, Canalis has secured a perpetual, worldwide, exclusive license for the development of the lesser known phytocannabinoid compounds.

Our world-class team has decades of experience developing pharmaceutical products from discovery through approval and use in patients. In addition to advancing authentic compounds found in the plant, Canalis has developed a library of cannabinoid analogs, prodrugs and other new chemical entities (NCE) to further improve the therapeutic potential of these molecules.


Canalis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a private early-stage biotech company focused on the development of rare cannabinoids and their NCE derivatives, as new therapeutic approaches for unmet and underserved clinical indications.


To discover, develop and commercialize rare cannabinoids or synthetic variants from the Canalis proprietary small molecule libraries that work through novel mechanisms of action to improve patient outcomes.


Canalis engages with Contract Research Organizations (CRO) and universities to enable virtualized R&D, build its’ initial pipeline of products, and produce proprietary NCE libraries for partnering with large pharmaceutical companies.

Partnership Opportunities

Canalis seeks to collaborate with qualified, interested parties whenever such an endeavor makes business and financial sense.  If your university, company, or organization believes that a productive collaboration is in order, please contact us to initiate a discussion.

Contact Us

At Canalis we recognize that the success of the company is based on the capabilities, drive, and innovation of our employees. If you believe you have what it takes to transform the cannabinoid pharma landscape, contribute to cutting edge research, and accelerate knowledge of this new class of medicine, then you might be good fit for our team.

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